We Don't Workout.
We Exercise With Intention.

We end with diaphragmatic breathing paired with mobility drills to help set your nervous system up for success. Look, your body went through an intense workout and it needs to chill out. Your adrenaline and cortisol are shooting through the roof and your hormones need to be regulated. By pairing these two types of decompression together, you will regulate your central nervous system AND increase your range of motion. Don’t underestimate this portion of the workout. It will have you leaving our gym feeling full of life and energy. Not dead.


Probably the LEAST unconventional tool of our core 4. The reason we include it in our programming is because of the WAY that we use it. I’m sure most of you have done kettlebell swings or other basic movements. We use the kettlebell in an unconventional way to create amazing strength complexes and flows. It is our heaviest piece of equipment in the gym, so you will be able to build muscle fast. Variety is key.

Steel Club

The Kinetic Chain. Your body is like a chain. Every muscle is connected together in some way. If you have a weak link in your chain, the whole chain is compromised. This tool teaches you how to engage your entire body before creating movement. It will show you the weak links in your chain, so that you can then make them strong again. You will feel this from head to toe.

Battle Ropes

The ultimate conditioning tool. Nothing will get your heart rate up faster than the battle ropes. Those lucky enough to have actually put there hands on these already know that this tool will leave you out of breath in seconds. Although it is mostly associated with alternating waves (boring…), this tool can be used for so much more. Chops, lateral waves, rainbows just to name a few. Never tried? Don’t worry we will teach you how to torch your body fat.

Are you tired of HIIT, Bootcamp, or Crossfit style workouts that leave you feel injured or burnt out?

Rise Above Fitness is setting a new standard of exercise.

We are not a one-size-fits-all kind of gym.

Everyone is unique and everyone has unique goals.

We create fitness and nutrition prescriptions for every "future success story" that walks through our doors.

Most importantly, we do this through the use of education, accountability, and bad-assery

Steel Mace

This tool is scary looking, I get it. Never in a million years would you pick this piece of equipment up in a “normal” gym. Good thing we are not a “normal” gym. Listen, this tool is absolutely amazing at removing muscular imbalances in the body. The number 2 reason people get injured is because of muscular imbalances. Because of its unilateral nature (one side at a time), you can ensure that you are working each side evenly. Plus you look awesome using it.


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