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Why Unconventional Training Will Deliver You Better Results Faster

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

The general population thinks that lifting weights and cardiovascular training (treadmill or elliptical) need to be separate from each other… but why?

Your heart rate increases depending on your oxygen demand. Your body has to be able to respond to the higher demand by giving it the appropriate supply of oxygen (elevated heart rate and breathing rate). The demand of oxygen will vary depending on the activity that is done.

Let’s use the treadmill/running as an example. Running uses MOSTLY leg muscles. Depending on how quickly you run, will determine the demand of oxygen from your body. It may start off slow, but as you increase your speed, so will your breathing and heart rate. Make sense?

You can produce a similar oxygen demand in a different way using unconventional resistance training. How? By doing weight bearing multi-joint movements. By adding additional load and recruiting more muscle groups. You can produce the same cardiovascular demand using nothing but weights.

Don’t believe me?👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

The Workout:

60 seconds of work

30 seconds of rest between exercises

3 rounds

Total workout time: 18minutes

All the exercise demonstrated above are used to help others get into the best shape of their life without stepping on the treadmill even once. Below are 3 pictures that explain my stats for this less than 20 minute workout.

I am not saying running is bad way to increase your cardio, but don’t think that it is the ONLY way. If you like running, keep on running. But for those who don’t, there is a better way. Instead of wasting time doing them separately, make the most of every minute in the gym by combining the two.

At Rise Above, we combine our strength and cardio training using unconventional equipment for about 20-30 minutes. That is all your body can handle before breaking down. For the remainder of the time, we work on injury-prevention exercises. Don’t let injury be your biggest set back this year! Check out THIS BLOG POST about homeostasis being the key to unlocking the secret to your ideal body.

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