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What’s the Deal With Rise Above?!

Hey there! My name is Paul and I'm part-owner of a new gym that's opened up right here in Shorewood, IL. Our gym focuses on 2 main concepts...

The first is longevity, which is the ability to workout the rest of your life WITHOUT injury. The second is HIIT, which stands for high intensity interval training. We focus on both of these with the use of our unconventional equipment. The combination of these 2 concepts is what sets us apart from CrossFit boxes, big box gyms, or other chain bootcamp classes.

Let’s talk longevity.

We understand that exercise can be risky. As the fitness industry grows, so does the amount of unqualified trainers that get hired at those other types of gyms listed above. So this puts YOU at a huge risk for injury. I understand that we all want to look better naked (shoot, I want to look better naked), but not at the cost of blowing out a knee, shoulder, or back. Every single session you participate in at Rise Above begins with foam rolling, trigger point work, and mobility drills.

This will do 2 things for you...

The first is to increase your range of motion. The reason that this is SO important is because the bigger range of motion you have, the more work you have to do. Think about it... It’s a lot harder to lift a weight that goes all the way above your head versus when it's only going halfway up. I know doing more work sounds terrible, but the reality is if you produce reps using a bigger in range of motion, the less repetitions you will have to do.

More work = less work… maybe?

The second is to prevent any unnecessary pulling on the joints. Your muscles are a lot like rubber bands: they stretch and the contract. Imagine that each muscle contains thousands of these rubber bands... When they stretch and contract they produce movement. Pretty cool right? Well, after a few weeks of doing resistance training, muscles can develop knots. Imagine those knots act like glue: preventing your muscles from stretching and contracting properly. It can put extra tension on your joints and ligaments.

No good in the hood.

Longevity, or more commonly known as injury prevention, is a very overlooked concept in the fitness industry. Most trainers think to themselves, “This client wants to lose weight, so I am going to kill them in this workout!”

This brings me to the second thing that we focus on which is HIIT. This is the part of working out that people are more familiar with. I’m sure most have you have heard of HIIT in some sort of fashion.

So how is our HIIT different?

Our HIIT training exclusively uses resistance-based training. Think that you can’t get your heart rate up lifting weights? Guess again. Our unconventional equipment is designed to give you a workout that will not only build your STRENGTH, but also help you increase your metabolism and burn FAT! We use equipment such as battleropes, kettlebells, steel clubs, steel maces, and even your own bodyweight. We pick this equipment because it forces us to engage all of the muscles in our body.

It’s NOT science… it’s magic… okay it’s science…

“But Paul! I see all the fitness models and sexy ladies running on the treadmill or rowing on a machine!” This is called fitness marketing. They have now tricked you. Consistent repetitive motion is the NUMBER 2 reason that people get injured because it creates a muscular imbalance. If you only run on the treadmill to elevate your heart rate, and do NO other strength training, you'll overdevelop the muscles required for said activity.

Running is repetitive because you take one step in front of the other for several minutes or even hours. If you like running, keep running. I'm not going to tell you to stop running if you enjoy it. My point is that if you run, you will develop an injury. Have you ever heard of a professional athlete lasting longer than the age of 40 or 50 in professional sports?

How old was Brett Favre….?

Our job is to educate you guys on how to be the best version of yourself in the gym. We believe that THE MOST important thing is education. We educate ourselves. We educate you guys.

As we continue to grow and expand our knowledge, we share it with you. Your career isn't exercising, so in an ever-changing industry, we believe it's OUR job to keep up with the latest and greatest trends and then deliver them right to you. The gym can be an intimidating place and we make it as comfortable as possible for you. Well, as comfortable as sweating and muscle pain can get.

Until Next Time,

Coach Pauly D (no not the guy from Jersey Shore)

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