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The One Exercise You Aren't Doing to get Summer Ready

The secret exercise that will help deliver you the amazing results you have always wanted is….. walking!

Wait wait wait… before you X out of your browser window because walking isn’t really a secret, let me explain.

The society that we currently live in, promotes a very sedentary lifestyle. I mean for goodness sake, you can have your grocery store shop for you and you can pick it up curb-side. Seriously? How is that even an option? Are we really that lazy? Get out of your car, stretch your legs a bit, and walk around the grocery store.

Like the majority of the population, you started your younger years in school. School alone promotes a very sedentary lifestyle. You get crammed into your desk for 6-8 hours a day listening to lectures, taking tests, and doing pop quizzes. If you have a school that is lucky enough to have a physical education program, then great! At least you can break up the 8 hours with a little bit of physical activity.

Humans were engineered to be in a standing position. For good reason too. Did you know that low intensity exercise will actually burn a higher percentage of fat than high intensity exercise? Meaning that the calories you burn from walking are mostly calories from your fat stores. When you do high intensity exercise, your body burns calories from your energy stores and food.

High intensity interval training will help increase your overall metabolism AFTER the exercise is over. So if you start to incorporate more low intensity exercise on top of your high intensity exercise, not only will your metabolism be higher, but you will also burn that higher percentage of fat as well. Just make sure you don’t get your heart rate too high. Keeping a low and slow steady state heart rate will burn the highest percentage of fat calories.

I highly recommend adding walking to your current exercise routine to help burn off those extra few pounds. If you have a pet or significant other, take them for a walk twice a day to enjoy the few months of summer in Chicago. Being in the fresh air does the body good as well. Nature has a calming effect on the body and can almost be used as a recovery tool as well.

Summer is coming up quick, by adding a 20 minute walk at the beginning and end of your day can dramatically increase your fat burn and have you looking good for bathing suit weather.

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-Coach Paul-


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