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Failure is the Best Way to Succeed

Success is great, don’t get me wrong. When all of your hard work has payed off, you become filled with a sense of accomplishment. Reward for work is a basic incentive for humans to continue striving towards that success.

It motivates! It inspires! It’s great!

But what happens when all of our hard work does NOT pay off?

It can leave us feeling empty, depressed, or worse. 

I'm here to tell you that failing is the BEST thing that can happen to you.

Let me explain...

I've failed a lot in my life. I've had a failed career, a failed business, and failing in workouts happens like every 5 minutes. When these failures happen, it tends to overcome ALL of our emotions.

Am I not good enough? 

Why did this happen to me? 

If I could just succeed this once…

Every failure in my past has taught me something valuable that success just doesn't teach.

When you succeed, you put in diligent hard work and the end results happens to be what you want. YOU get what YOU want (kind of sounds like my toddler). Some people will get VERY VERY lucky and succeed on their first try.

Let me give you an example...

If you open a business and you succeed without failing even ONCE, then you haven't learned anything. You took what you already knew and made a job out of it. Nothing wrong with that, but also not your best option. 

Imagine you created a business and every day you failed at something...

You fail to pay your internet bill on time and get penalized... "F%$^", "SH!@", or some other curse words might come out of your mouth. But guess what? I bet you will NEVER forget to pay that bill on time again. You learned to create something amazing from something terrible. 

This is the smallest scale failure I could think of, but it doesn't change anything. 

The lesson you learned comes from what caused you to fail. Not putting a reminder to pay the bill was the reason you failed. Now, you'll remind yourself on your calendar to pay the bill. See what you've done? You have created knowledge for yourself. That is a very powerful thing.

Failure, whether it is large or small, can always be looked at as an opportunity to learn something and, more importantly, CHANGE something. Over time, there won’t be any failure that will stop you. Rather, there'll be many failures that will help you succeed for the future.

Yes, failure sucks. It’s discouraging. So have your moment of discouragement, but then take a step back and learn from your failure. I bet one day it will help you succeed.

Coach Paul

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