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It's a Community, Not a Fitness Center

According to statisticbrain.com, “66 percent of people that have memberships in the United States may never use them." When you think about joining a gym, what are your initial goals for doing so? Well, most will say the obvious… to get “fit”, to lose weight, to get strong, to get healthy….

It always starts out strong, right?

You get this idea in your head… you're ready to hit the gym! You've got goals! You buy new workout gear, purchase your affordable gym membership, and you're off!

But what starts as high motivation and determination to meet those fitness or weight loss goals slowly fades and becomes a chore. It becomes a period of just "going through the motions” until that gym check-in card hangs on your key rack staring you in the face every time you walk by… throwing it in your face that you're slacking!

So, why do we lose motivation? Why do we let our fitness and health goals slip away?

It’s not like you woke up one day and decided, “Well, no one really needs to be healthy anyways." Those things you want so badly for yourself never go away, rather, they nag at you… they sit in the back of your mind and remind you that you really should just get up and do it already!

But the reason you don’t? Well, it’s because the chain fitness center you joined lacks something so important to your health and fitness: community.

Think about it… When you walk through the doors of your local gym you get a generic greeting of, “Hi, how are you today?” Then you hand them your check in card and proceed to the stair-master or the elliptical. You watch the tv and try really hard to make the next 30 minutes fly by so you can say you completed your 30 minutes of cardio for the day, and then leave knowing you worked off that bagel you ate this morning.

Now, of course, not everyone feels this way, but can you honestly say you’ve never felt completely bored, unsatisfied, or just dreaded having to do that 30 minutes of hard work that feels so exhausting?

Well, these thoughts are my own for sure, but I’m sure many of you have felt this way too.

So, lets break it down. The reason why these chain gyms do so well is because they are cheap! You can easily afford $10.00 per month with no yearly contract… or if you pay a little more, you might even get some tanning beds or massage chairs out if it. Oh, and don’t forget the pool! But does that keep you going? Nope!

"I’ll start back up Monday morning."

"Ok, I’ll definitely go Wednesday."

"Well, this week was busy."

"I’ll have time to go next week!"

Two months later….

Now, let’s talk about independent gyms for a minute... Gyms like our very own Rise Above Personal Training here in Shorewood, IL.

Are they more expensive? Yes! But what do you get from it? Community! People are more willing to stay and work towards their goals when they have something to look forward to by showing up. Being on the smaller scale, members get to know each other well and classes/sessions are led by personal trainers who not only get to know you, but get to know your goals and help you meet them.

Then there’s the atmosphere. Isn’t it more fun to show up and get to sweat with people that are going through the same fitness journey you are?

So, why do we need community? That’s easy… it gives us something to look forward to. Smaller gyms like Rise Above not only provide in-person community, but social media groups that give you the interaction, motivation and friendships you desire. Afterall, we're social beings who love interaction. We crave it!

Besides interaction, this sense of community helps keep members constantly motivated and feeling supported, which keeps them coming back for more! High Fives, cheering, and group-work is a common theme. Step into a gym like Rise Above one day and take a fresh breath… ahhhhh…. "Now this is what can help me!"

Plus, nutritional guidance and challenges among their members are often provided as part of a greater experience (yet another reason it works for so many people). The trainers are certified and educated to provide proper workouts, so you'll no longer aimlessly walk around your local gym trying to figure out what in the world you should do.

For years, I struggled with weight loss and was completely unable to meet my health and fitness needs…. Until I stepped into Rise Above and suddenly everything changed. I’ve met great people who I look forward to seeing in class every evening, I'm surrounded by people who have the same goals in mind and determination to improve themselves, and I no longer have to watch a TV screen or put headphones in to get through an excruciating 30 minutes. I finally found a sense of belonging.

As our owner/program coordinator, Coach Paul, likes to say, “Alone we are weak, together we can do anything."

-Coach Jacquie-

Are you ready to become apart of a fitness community that will help support, push, and motivate you to finally reach your health and fitness goals? Join our 12 Week Jumpstart Unconventional Program that will allow you to become familiar with our unconventional tools while getting you the results you desire.


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