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5 Unconventional Movements to Strengthen and Mobilize Your Shoulders

In a world of desk jobs, school, driving, and cell phones, our shoulders and head start to come forward and puts a lot of pressure on our upper back and shoulder area. We are big believers in that you should train like a regular person, not an athlete because athletes tend to get injured. When you get injured your quality of life starts going down. So if you have shoulder, neck, or upper back pain, then this blog post is for YOU!

1. Tripod Shoulder Circles

2. I,Y,T,O

3. PVC Dislocators

4. PVC Rotator Cuff

5. Hitchhiker Thumb

By performing 1 set of each exercise you will alleviate some of your pain, but not permanently. If you want this to become a permanent pain relief then you will need to do these exercises for a minimum of 3 sets and 60 seconds each, about 3x or more per week. Doing these exercises will help strengthen your positioning, but proper positioning needs to be achieved all the time. So next time you are driving to work or sitting at your desk, try to put yourself in similar positioning.



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