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What is Phase Programming?

Our phase programming is broken up into 3 week cycles of different styles of exercises using our unconventional equipment. Phase programming is superior to any other style of HIIT classes because it allows you to practice and become perfect at a phase before then changing it up.


Your body adapts to any style of exercise somewhere between 2-4 weeks. So not only do you get a high variety of exercise styles, every day is still different when you come in. Phase programming is how we deliver the quality of personal training in a large group setting.

So what are the 4 phases that we cycle through to deliver metabolism boosting effects and long-term results?

1. Strength and Performance: Lifting heavier, faster and with high intensity. This is the shortest work time so make every second count.

2. Hypertrophy: Fancy way of saying muscle building. This is a higher weighted cycle that requires slower controlled movements and squeezing the muscle contractions.

3. Imabalance Removal: This portion of the phase programming is designed to remove muscular imbalances, so that you can be pain free and prevent future injuries. Mobility is also a large portion of this phase.

4. Dynamic Movement: Your bodies are designed to work in multiple planes of movement. This phase focuses on multidirectional movements so that you can be strong in ALL areas.

Phase programming is the best way to get into the best shape of your life in 2020. So we invite you back to try our phase programming to see what its all about.

Did we mention we also added a 6:00am class too?


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